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December 4, 2020

Ask Leo the Lion

Leo Answers All Your Burning Questions
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Questions from the Instagram

Dear Leo, I am a senior in high school and I’m starting to think about my next steps. I’ve been a Judaean for my whole life, and know about Year Course, but I’m a little unsure. Should I go on Year Course?



Well @youngjudaea4eva my answer is absolutely! Year Course is a once in a lifetime opportunity! The program enables you to experience Israel, make amazing friends, and immerse yourself in your Jewish culture. This year, Year Course is the largest Israel gap year program. While on Year Course you will spend half of the year in Jerusalem and the other half in Tel Aviv. Throughout the course of the year you will learn and volunteer. When I went on Year Course, I had the best year of my life and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything! See our website for more info and decide what’s right for you!

Dear Leo, I have been thinking a lot during COVID and how life has changed. I guess my question for you is how do I get the most out of life?



@lostandconfused123 I think you get the most out of life when you live in the moment. I know that these past few months have been really different, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live in the moment. There are two famous saying that I base my life off of: “You Only Live Once (YOLO)” and “To life, to life, l'chaim. L'chaim, l'chaim, to life.” These mottos help to guide me when thinking about living in the moment and how to get the most out of life. 

Dear Leo, I really miss seeing my YJ friends in person. When is the next YJ in-person program?



Thanks for asking, @troubleinmybubble! Young Judaea’s next in-person event is (Alternative) Alternative Winter Break. This amazing program combines social action with Jewish identity, peer leadership, and so much more! While the program is mostly virtual, there will be opportunities for Judaeans to volunteer in person in New York, Pittsburgh, and Miami! More information at 

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