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April 12, 2021

Ask Leo the Lion

Leo Answers All Your Burning Questions
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Questions from the Instagram

Dear Leo, Is water wet? 

Signed @yoshie96

This is a very interesting question @yoshie96. Is Camp Tel Yehudah in North Carolina? Am I a bear? NO. Water itself is not wet, but it has the ability to get things wet, therefore, water is not wet!  

Dear Leo, I’ve been looking for more ways to get involved in my region. How can I get more involved locally? 

Signed, @Daphdaph1909

Hi @Daphdaph1909! I'm glad you want to get more involved! The first step that I would take is reaching out to your region’s mazkirut or club.  I would also follow the Instagram page @young.judaea to stay updated on all the events hosted and how you can participate in them! 

Dear Leo, I didn't go to camp last summer and am nervous about meeting lots of new people.  What can I do to meet other people who are coming to Tel Yehudah who didn’t go to my junior camp?

Signed, @CJ4lyfe

No need to be nervous @CJ4lyfe. Camp is an amazing place full of amazing people! The best thing to remember is at some point, everyone started as a new camper and understands the feeling! Everyone at camp is there to meet new people and make amazing friends! My best advice is to branch out of your comfort zone and talk to everyone, not just the people you already know! Also, try to go to national and regional events online before camp!

Dear Leo, I’m struggling with all my school work. What can I do to stay motivated?

Signed, @tiredstudent1948

This year has been an exceptionally hard year, I understand how you feel. What I would say is to set up a schedule for yourself so you have some sort of structure.  Also, give yourself time to relax and do the things you love to do. Always try and remember to give yourself credit for doing your best in a really tough time, and to breathe!

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