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December 4, 2020

Letter From the Maz

Words of Wisdom from Our Teen Leadership
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Shalom, Judaeans! 

The Kol Hatnua is a staple of Young Judaea. Our national newsletter has been the backbone of our movement for decades. We want to reintroduce and reimagine what the Kol Hatnua looks like. So, we are overjoyed to be sharing this new format of the Kol Hatnua with all of you and excited to continue telling stories across our movement.

At National Convention in February 2020, the incoming National Mazkirut wrote a mission statement summarizing our aspirations for this year and action steps in order to accomplish our goals. The mission statement reads, “We as National Mazkirut 2020-2021 aim to increase involvement, stabilize finances, and truly become a national movement. As the leaders of the movement, we strive to accomplish this through intense outreach, marketing to alumni, and creating more local clubs around the nation.”

Over these challenging past few months, we have been focusing on each of our goals to better this movement. In fact, in August, we launched a fundraising campaign called Judaeans for Generations which raised $20,000 for Young Judaea’s emergency fund. We are continuing to help our finances by working on launching a second wave of Judaeans for Generations. As for involvement and our national status, we are beyond excited to share the reinstitution of South Florida and Atlanta clubs, and growth of our existing regions! Overall, we are off to an amazing start, and thank you for reading :)  


Your National Mazkirut

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