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December 22, 2021

YJ Gala Recap

Celebrating Young Judaea
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YJ Gala Recap

Samara Kohn LIYNC Pirsum

This was my first YJ gala and it was pretty amazing hearing the stories of Young Judaeans of the past. The northeast and national mazkirut members had the privilege to meet former YJ chanichim, some of whom once held the very same positions on a mazkirut as us when they were chanichim! Getting to meet the Young Judaeans of the past made me feel really thankful that these wonderful people were able to keep this organization going for all of these years and entrust it in the hands of Young Judaeans of the present. 

Natalie Sabursula National AVP

I had an awesome time at the gala! It was really nice getting to meet so many people who are just as passionate about YJ as I am. I loved hearing everyone’s stories and seeing so many familiar faces. 

Gabby Stein LINYC Bogrim Programmer

It was so nice to see my friends and be in a room with so many Judeans! It was inspiring to see all of the people involved with Young Judaea after so many years after going to camp. I can only hope that my friends and I will still feel that connection as adults. 

Zev Schlossberg Empire Mazkir

The gala was an exciting opportunity to meet so many Young Judaeans of all different generations, and after being there I can say it did not disappoint! While talking with some of the more seasoned members, I couldn’t help but wonder at how much this organization has changed from my time and theirs. 

Sara Tilem National Ofarim-Tsofim Programmer:

The gala was fabulous and the people there were very interested in talking to us (and loved to bring up Year Course!). So much so that the first question they would ask was always, “Are you going on Year Course?”. They were so happy to hear an enthusiastic YES from me. They also asked us about our leadership and what we have been doing in the movement. It made me overjoyed to see how happy they were to talk to me and my fellow mazkirut members!

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